5 Generations of American Manufacturing

Pat Ebbing, Ray Ebbing, Pete Ebbing, John Ebbing, Johnny Ebbing
From Left to Right: Pat Ebbing, Ray Ebbing, Pete Ebbing, John Ebbing, Johnny Ebbing



June 24, 1885

Detroit Edge Tool Co., Founded in 1885
Incorporated in Detroit as “The Detroit Edge Tool Works, Inc.” First location was at Mt. Elliott & Wight St. On June 24, 1885, Detroit Edge Tool Works was incorporated in the state of Michigan, and is now the oldest machine knife manufacturer in the world. The original company manufactured precision machine knives, initially for lumber and woodworking, then later for the metal working industry. As times changed after World War II, the company began to manufacture machine tool components such as hardened and ground, precision detachable ways, rails, & plates. Now on It’s 5TH generation of Ebbing ownership, Detroit Edge Tool Company is one of the oldest businesses in the state of Michigan. The Detroit, MI headquarters & production facility is 30,000 square feet and contains a climate controlled 15,000 square foot grinding facility capable of holding .0002” over 20 feet. This facility caters primarily to the machine tool, aerospace, steel mill, & automation industries. The Roseville, Michigan operation has 60,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity and is dedicated to providing metal cutting and machine knives to steel, scrap, and demolition industries all around the globe. DETCO has withstood the test of time by evolving into a world-class manufacturer and industry leader in precision machine wear parts, all while maintaining the values and commitment of a family-owned American manufacturing company.


1907 Advertisement from R.L. Polk & Co’s Michigan Gazetteer
Detroit Edge Tool Works Products included Moulding Knives, Machine Knives, Shaper Steel, and Planer Knives.


Detroit Edge Tool Works relocates
Detroit Edge Tool Works relocates to McDougall Avenue and Woodbridge Street


Ohio Knife Business Card
William F. Ebbing purchased Detroit Edge Tool Works, Inc. in 1926. He was a salesman for Ohio Knife Co. before buying Detroit Edge Tool Works and moving his family from Cincinnati, OH to Detroit, MI.


William F. Ebbing
The Company declares bankruptcy and is reorganized as Detroit Edge Tool, Company


Daniel W. Ebbing leads Detroit Edge Tool into new era of mass production machine tool components
Daniel W. Ebbing becomes president as World War II is breaking out. Detroit Edge Tool Company becomes a major supplier of machine knives and box ways for machine tools throughout the War.


Detroit Edge Tool moves to 6570 E. Nevada St in Detroit
Detroit Edge Tool moves to 6570 E. Nevada St. in Detroit where the global headquarters resides today.


Pete Ebbing would go on to run the company for the next 40 years.
R.R. “Pete” Ebbing joins DETCO in 1955. The company introduced “Britecut” paper cutting knives in 1960. Pete became president in 1966 and ran the company until his retirement in 2005. Pete was instrumental in growing the business, and expanding DETCO’s global footprint during this time.


Michael Ebbing & Jerry Madynski
Jerry Madynski joined the company in 1970 and would go on to a 44 year career involving Shipping Manager, VP of Manufacturing, & VP of Sales. Jerry retired in 2015. Michael Ebbing joined the company in 1975 and would ultimately become Sales Manager. A position that he held into the early 2000’s.


The Hartland, WI facility develops the revolutionary process of induction hardening ways.
A second plant is opened in Hartland, WI to cater to the booming machine tool industry in Wisconsin and Illinois.


Ray (left) & John Ebbing (right) continue to run the company into the 21st century
John Ebbing Sr. joins Detroit Edge in 1983. John would go on to become Vice President of Detroit Edge Tool & Co-Owner of the company, titles which he holds thru the present day. Ray Ebbing joins the company in 1985. Ray would go on to become President of Detroit Edge Tool & Co-Owner of the company which he remains thru the present day.


Kirby Grinding facility
Kirby Grinding is acquired. It is 12,000 square feet and has 15 employees. That same year, renovations are made to the Detroit facility and offices are added onto the original plant.


Turton Bros and Matthews – Sheffield, England
Expansion Era: Turton Brothers and Matthews LTD in Sheffield, England was acquired in 1992. This launched Detroit Edge Tool’s foray into the scrap and demolition shear blade market. Simultaneously, additional renovations were made to the world headquarters. A 15,000 sq. ft temperature controlled grinding room was added to the original building.


Roseville, MI Production Facility
In 1997, the Roseville, MI facility on Groesbeck Hwy is acquired. It boasts 60,000 sq. feet of manufacturing capacity and is dedicated to servicing the domestic shear blade market as a make-to-stock production facility. In 1998, Michigan Flame Hardening is acquired and moves into the Roseville plant. That same year, Kirby Grinding and the Hartland, WI facility are consolidated into Roseville as well.


Tyzack Machine Knives Ltd. – Sheffield, England
In 2000, Turton Brothers purchases Tyzack Machine Knives Ltd and merges into Turton-Tyzack Ltd. This was to be a power-house acquisition servicing cutting blades for scrap yards, steel mills, & machine tools throughout Europe, Russia, & Asia. Unfortunately, the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01 devastated global markets, and forced Detroit Edge to sell off Turton-Tyzack in 2002. The shear blade raw material and manufacturing knowledge for shear blades is brought back to the states and used thru the present day in the Roseville, MI production facility.


Karen Chambers - Controller & Office Manager
Karen Chambers joins the company in 2004 as an accountant and grew into the Controller role within a few years. Karen has become a trusted advisor to Ray, John, & the Board of Directors.


Pat Ebbing – Sales Dept., Justin Vernick – Sales Dept., and Johnny Ebbing Jr. – Estimating
Justin Vernick joins the business in 2005 as Shipping Manager. Justin is currently heading up the sales team on the scrap and demolition shear blade product lines. Johnny Ebbing Jr (5th Generation and son of John Sr) joined the business in 2013. Johnny is currently the lead estimator for the Detroit plant. Pat Ebbing (5th Generation and son of Ray) joins the business in 2015. Pat is currently heading up the sales team on the machine tool, aerospace, steel mill, and automation product lines.


Al Winters – General Manager
Al Winters joins the company in 2011 as Plant Manager of the Roseville shear blade operation, bringing with him 25 years of machining, manufacturing, and supervisory experience. Al is ultimately promoted to General Manager of both plants in 2015.